Our Company

The Best Among Toronto’s Property Management Companies

Atrens Management Group Inc. provides personalized, hands on management service supported by a staff of in-house professionals. We recognize the unique concerns of the Owner and its elected representatives, the Board of Directors. Our philosophy is fairly simple, “the Board of Directors sets out the parameters and we must work within those parameters in order to ensure the success of their Condominium”.The success of our company depends entirely on how well we service our clients. We recognize that we are in a service business and satisfied clients are the most important ingredient of our business.

Atrens Management Group Inc. is a member in good standing of both ACMO (Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario) and CCI (Canadian Condominium Institute).

Our Mission

Providing high standards of property management so that your investment continues to grow, to maintain a positive rapport with the Owners and the Board of Directors and committed to provide a team of professionals and exceptional service to our clients.